Boulder Dash. Episode I: Dig The Past 1.0

Boulder Dash. Episode I: Dig The Past 1.0



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Date Added:05 March, 2009

Author: ZX Games

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Boulder Dash. Episode I: Dig The Past. The same game concept that proved to be unfading, but the appearance is brand new. This reworked version of Boulder Dash was created with true love for the original game. As kids we used to spend hours playing Boulder Dash and now that we have grown up to be pros we were able to contribute to the game on a professional level. Butterflies, fireflies, amoeba, dirt, rocks, diamonds, gravity, the need to have logical mind and reaction skills - all these appeal to various emotional drives of a Boulder Dash player. All of them have been taken to the extreme in this new version of the game. Experts did the game s animation, music and programming. This is our way to show that Rockford is most welcome in the 21st century, and we are excited about it! The game features smooth gameplay thanks to a completely reworked game engine, redesigned caves done in fine-crafted graphics with earthy-rocky looks (mouldy boulders, roots, cracks etc.), brand new Rockford animated as a mole with a pick hunted by lively flies, four different background music themes, realistic sound effects, 32 caves copied from the very original Boulder Dash I and Boulder Dash III games, three difficulty levels, ability to vary speed of the game, comprehensive help that includes a Tips & Tricks page for advanced users. No nag screens. Needs no emulators to run. Free trial.

Systems: Windows

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